Reduce Stress

Sick kids with their lives in your hands? Terrifying! Give your staff the confidence they need and children deserve by making them comfortable with their tools. We make educators jobs easy - pick a scenario for the week and lay out the corresponding Mani-Kid. Education = Done.

Avoid Medical Malpractice

You’d be amazed at the medical malpractice cases we see! 5ET Tube in a newborn? 2.5ET Tube for a 2-year old? If you are going to rely on your tools - KNOW HOW TO USE THEM, and avoid mistakes when they really count.

Improve Reaction Time

Most everyone has a color-coding system, whether it be Broselow, Handtevy, etc. But, if you don’t play with them, how will you know what to do in an emergency? Scenarios in Second builds that muscle memory so you know what you’re doing with visible, immediate results!

Multiple Ways to Train

Pick and choose age levels, trauma vs medical, create a disaster simulation, etc. However you want to teach your staff to keep them vigilant. We give you lots of suggestions on how to play.

Hands-On and Visual

To learn you need to DO! Scenarios in Seconds allows medical professionals to physically touch, test, and practice with the tools they have, but rarely use. Our Mani-Kids are full-sized, light-weight, and foldable foam boards that give the student a visual reference and ease on the arms and back of the educator.

Zero-Prep Time

We give you a Mani-Kid for each color zone/age group, 52 scenarios to practice your skills, blank answer sheets with the answer keys in a comprehensive user manual, and even competences and objectives. Everything you need in one easy to carry bag. Education… DONE!

Practice Your Skills Today...
A Child's Life May Depend On It Tomorrow!

You Have The Tools - But Do You Know How To Use Them?

In a section of our courses a "mother" runs into the classroom frantically screaming for someone to save her "baby(doll)". Participant may use color-codeing tools provided to gage the child's age, weight, ETTube size, epi dosage, etc. in 90-seconds...

Seasoned Medical Professionals Score an average of 30% in this exersize.

Then we teach them with

The class average goes up to 95%+

To become better at caring for critically ill or injured pediatric patients, we know it’s not enough to just take a PALS, PEPP, or ENPC class every 2-4 years! The only way to truly master any skill is to do it over and over. This is the reason we have created Scenarios in Seconds.

Scott & Lisa DeBoer
Founders of Pedi-Ed-Trics and Co-creators of Scenarios in Seconds

The Goal of Scenarios in Seconds is for emergency medical professionals to be as comfortable caring for sick kids as they are for adults. After finding a desperate need for color-coding training in our classes, Scott and Lisa DeBoer have developed a curriculum for teaching and helping student feel more confident treating peds trauma patients.

The idea is simple: 52 Scenarios (one for every week of the year) ranging from a 10-year old with a gunshot wound to a 3-day old who is “blue all over” with a distinct heart murmur. Each scenario has a corresponding life-size (and foldable for easy storage) Mani-Kid. Pick a scenario, lay out the Mani-Kid and have your staff practice using whatever color-coding system (Broselow or Handtevy) your facility utilizes.

That’s it. Education done!

We provide worksheets with Basic, Advanced, and Expert level questions, the answer keys for easy grading, competencies and objectives for credits, suggestions on how Scenarios in Seconds can be utilized, and more! Learners will have all the tools that they need to practice and prepare for their next peds emergency case. Educators have all the work done for them in a conveniently packaged and easy-to-carry bag.

This teaching tool offers a unique hands-on and visual experience that is both challenging and fun for all levels of healthcare providers. By having everything that you need in one place, you will give your staff the opportunity to push their knowledge and skill sets to the next level and beyond.

We hope that all levels of medical professionals will use Scenarios in Seconds, so that critical actions and decisions, based on the quick and accurate color coding of kids, become second nature.

Get Scenarios In Seconds Now!

Take A Peek Inside...

... at the mobile pediatric emergency education kit that sets up in seconds!

What's Inside:

1 - High quality nylon educators' bag with padded strap for easy carrying and storing of all materials.
9 - Life-size, foldable Mani-Kids.
Represents each of the 9 colors in the Broselow-Luten and Handtevy color-coding system.
52 - Real-life pediatric scenario cards.
Each of the 52 cards reflect medical or traumatic peds emergencies with 3 levels of training — Basic, Advanced & Expert. Appropriate for EMT’s all the way to ER docs)
We chose 52 scenarios to give the option to use one scenario per week for a FULL year... if you desire to use it for weekly sessions.

1 - 11”x 17” flexible plastic frame to slide which keeps cards clean.
1 - Scenarios in Seconds Timer which can be attached to the 11x17 frame for individual use or removed by educators for timed training and/or games.
1 - Individual answer sheet note pads for individual use by one student and a single scenario.
150 sheets total
1 - Multiple scenario answer sheet pads, for a single student to use with 3 scenario training sessions at a time.
150 sheets total
1 - Return envelope for students to place their completed answer sheets for grading.
1 - Broselow-Luten color-coded length based system tape. Most current tape available
1 - Pedi-Wheel
A CD sized pocket pediatric “cheat sheet” that offers easy to find essential peds information that some systems like to use on their crash-carts or inside their pediatric jump bags.
1 - Comprehensive Educators Manual that includes everything you need foe easy to use pediatric educational training sessions:

  • 52 - Answer keys to make grading SIMPLE.
  • Competency forms for each scenario to be photocopied and placed in your student/employees files.
  • 10 - “Ways to Play!” Unique and simple ways to use Scenarios in Seconds for single students to entire classes.
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Watch our demos explaining everything included and get ideas on how to utilize this amazing teaching tool for your staff!

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