"Peds Pearls should be required reading for all ED nursing staff in every hospital..."-Bonnie Lundblom



Peds Pearls

Tear-Out Tips, Tricks, and Treasures from the Trenches

Can you spare five minutes to help save the life of a child? How about lessen your chances of a lawsuit? Medical professionals across the board tend to agree that very sick or very small pediatric patents scare the bejesus out of them. That’s what inspired pediatric nurse expert Scott DeBoer to develop this innovative Peds Pearls book.

Peds Pearls offer a painless way to review practical, expert advice that is both entertaining and full of easy to understand information. Each book contains 52 tips and tricks when dealing with peds that come straight from medical experts who have been using these methods for years. These 11x17, full-color posters can be torn out and posted anywhere in you facility to educate yourself and your staff.

Congratulations! It is so original, brilliant, useful and fun....captures the essence of your whole approach. I really wasn't expecting the look...it is charming! -Jim Broselow, MD



[Peds Pearls] should be required reading for all ED nursing staff in every hospital! Truly awesome and so educational. Doing the med-legal timelines has made me realize now more than ever that there are so many nurses working in ED's who really need more knowledge and specifics to help them. Your book is a great place to start ...-Bonnie Lundblom, RN

The posts are not only educational, but entertaining! Scott’s likes to keep people “laughing while they learn” in his classes as well as his books, because textbook lingo just is not enough to help you remember. The Pearls contain fun images, memes, and easy to understand diagrams on colorful, large pages. The language is witty, easy to read and sure to shed some light on peds topics not regularly encountered, so when a small child does come into the ER, you know what to do.

The Peds Pearls were really well done! Scott, you have that knack of making complex things very easy. Thank you so much for spreading the good word... -Peter Antevy, MD

Peds Pearls are short, sweet, and easy to remember ways to review the essentials of pediatric emergency care. Each post contains a topic (Table of Contents listed below) from Medical Malpractice (Scott works as a medical legal nurse consultant) to Emergency Pediatric Care (the long list of letters after Scott’s name can probably vouch for his expertise on this one). Scott has been teaching nurses, medics, RTs and doctors around the world for over 15 years. He has a way of taking lots of information and simplifying it in a way everyone can understand. His tips and tricks book is just that, a book of tips on how to remember things like the Parkland Formula, the do’s and don’ts of snake bites, or tricks when dealing with a pediatric SVT patent. The book is full of veteran tested advice like these for medical professionals.



A Peds Pearls Demonstration with Lisa DeBoer

How Do You Use Your Peds Pearls?

"I really like the format, the condenced tips, and the ability to post wherever I want. Really good job.... We match a given Pearl Poster with a pt case and use it for discussion points along with our protocals - I get a lot of milage from them." - Twink Dalton, RN, NPM

"I post them on our education bulletin board" -Amanda Powers

"I read the book to educate myself then I post the posters at the station one by one so the staff learns from them." -Robert Carpenter, Kunkle Fire Co.


“Peds Pearls are a concise, effective and easy to remember way to review the essentials of pediatric emergency care. These 52 pearls in 52 weeks are excellent for reviewing or learning clinical pearls of pediatric practice, and emphasizing quick tips to give great care. Highly recommended!” - Amy Baxter MD, FAAP, FACEP



The goal is saving children’s lives, but the sad truth is that education is expensive. Peds Pearls will allow you to learn about a new peds topic every week for only $1 a week! 1 dollar a week will get you 52 poster sized, full-color pearls of pediatric wisdom that can be read quickly and put into practice immediately! Seriously, it will only take 5 minutes out of your day. They can be posted in breakrooms, bathrooms, bulletin boards, or anywhere you and your staff will benefit from them.



“Witty pediatric pearls that keep you coming back for more. Short, sweet, and potentially life-saving! Perfect for a five-minute pediatric inservice for those on the go.” - -Laura L Kuensting DNP, APRN, PCNS-BC, CPNP, CPEN



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