The Hands-On Pediatric Emergencies Masterclass In A Bag!

108 pediatric medical and trauma scenarios, paired with 14 life sized Mani-Kids, practice meds, quick-tip videos and more.
When it's 3AM and there is no coffee in sight, you fall back on muscle memory.
Give your students the rare opportunity to practice using their cheat sheets,
run through real-life scenarios, draw up meds and ultimately build their confidence and skills when it comes to peds!

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Reduce Stress

Kids are scary. Sick kids with their lives in your hands are terrifying! Give your staff the confidence they need and children deserve by making them comfortable with their tools. We make educators jobs easy too! Pick a scenario for the week and lay out the corresponding Mani-Kid… Education = Done.

Avoid Medical Malpractice

You’d be amazed at the medical malpractice cases we see! 5ET Tube in a newborn? 2.5ET Tube for a 2-year old? If you are going to rely on your tools - KNOW HOW TO USE THEM, and avoid mistakes when they really count.

Improve Reaction Time

Most everyone has a color-coding system, whether it be Broselow, Handtevy, etc. But, if you don’t play with them, how will you know what to do in an emergency? Scenarios in Seconds builds that muscle memory so you know what you’re doing with visible, immediate results!

Multiple Ways to Train

Pick and choose age levels, trauma vs medical, create a disaster simulation, etc... however you want to teach your staff to keep them vigilant. We give you lots of suggestions on how to play.

Hands-On and Visual

To learn you need to DO! Scenarios in Seconds allows medical professionals to physically touch, test, and practice with the tools they have, but rarely use. Our Mani-Kids are full-sized, light-weight, and foldable foam boards that give the student a visual reference and is easy on the arms and back of the educator.

Zero-Prep Time

We give you a Mani-Kid for each color zone/age group, 108 scenarios to practice your skills, blank answer sheets with the answer keys in a comprehensive user manual, and even competencies and objectives. Everything you need in one easy to carry bag. Education… DONE!

Scenarios In Seconds In Action

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